Do We Really Have To Leave Our Comfort Zone To Create Success?


We all have been in certain situations where we feel uncomfortable at times but then realized afterwards that due to that, we have been able to make changes and achieve something we haven’t been able to before.

Well that is called being forced out of our comfort zone. Most of the time this is caused by something or someone we have no control over. Due to that we feel uncomfortable, as we just don’t know where it will lead us and we feel unsafe and even scared.

Once we understand though that being outside of our comfort zone is the only way to create changes and it’s needed to grow, it can be a positive process. Especially if we are the ones causing something to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone, as with that we know why it’s happening. It can still be confronting and scary at times but it is the only way to take us further ahead. The last we want to be is being stuck in the same place in our life. We all want to grow and evolve and get ahead all the time.

Einstein once said: ‘The meaning of Insanity is: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

So with that said, the only option to create success is to get ourselves out of our comfort zone and do things differently to create different results. And even though you might be happy with your results in life… be able to create CHANGE and GROWTH you have to leave your comfort zone, there is no other way.

In the end we all have a choice to do that or not, but then also having to accept the end result to be just as we had until now if we are not prepared to step out of our comfort zone.

Funny, though… that I keep forcing myself to push the limit of my comfort zone regularly, I feel to have picked up in speed and the level of fear has reduced dramatically as well. I believe once you have sat on a rollercoster the second time it’s not as scary, right?!

It does feel amazing to be control of your results and and in which direction the growth and change is headed. So on one hand it can feel uncomfortable and out of control, but because we make the choice and decision we still have full control and with that accept full responsibility over the results. It can be an empowering feeling to have that kind of a power.

So why leave it to the outside world when we have the ability to direct our life and all of our results?

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